Friday, July 25, 2008

Abby's First Away from Home Babysitter - July 21st, 2008

Abigail stayed with her first babysitter way from home this week. Our friends and neighbors, the Teasley's watched her for us. I had a meeting at church and Andrew had to sleep since he had the midwatch at work. She had a lot of fun with them, they love her very much. They fed her snacks and chicken, which she loves! Abby is really working the lip in this picture. She was fine until she saw me and then she cried for me. It was after 8 pm and she was so ready for bed. You do get a little peak of her cute little teeth and her babydoll that Aunt Debbie and Uncle David gave her. Don't you just want to kiss and pinch those cheeks!!! It was a bit weird for me to be out and about without her with me, I missed her very much. I am glad that she did so well. She is growing so fast the last 8 1/2 months have gone by so fast!


Erin said...

She is beautiful, Mel! I'm gonna have to make a trip down there before you move across the country! I can't believe I kept putting it off for so long! I'm so bad! Ugh! By the way, I have 10 weeks left as of today-all is well and her name will be Phoebe Jane, unless something drastic occurs! Love ya! Hope to see you soon!

Hunt Family said...

Melanie!!! I am so excited that you sent me your blog link. I can hardly wait to keep in touch this way. Next time I am in Reno we should meet up on San Fran, it is only 3 1/2 hrs from Reno. That would be really fun. Tell Jen and the rest of the Teasley's we said hi, and that little girl of your is a totaly doll. She is way cute!!!