Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Future Prima Ballerina - January 2011

I was out shopping and saw these cute zebra stripe ballet slippers. Early in the month we found this ballerina tutu at a store and got it for her, she has been in it ever since. So when I came home with the slippers she was super excited.
I love that smile!!!!
She asked if she could dance to some "ballerina music"...which is Pachelbel Cannon in D.....she actually has a little bit of coordination.
Dancing Queen!!

Stampin' Up! Swap - January 2011

Here are the goodies that I created for this months swap. Our theme was Valentine's Day, it was a lot of fun. This box has a Ghiardelli's chocolates, mint patties, rectangle acetate box filled with Tootsie Rolls, a note book for love notes and a matching pen.
This is a mini post note holder that can be put on a keyring or purse. I love the Owl punch!!
This is a Valentine box with valentines and matching envelopes. I love the envelope die that goes with the Big Shot.
Our group used the shaving cream technique in our challenge for he month, this is how mine turned out. I love using glue and glitter, it so easy and add lots of sparkle.

Stampin' Up! Swaps - December 2010

I am a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator and I have the opportunity to be part of a monthly Swap Group. I like the opportunity to be creative every month. If I didn't have this group I am not sure that I would take the time other wise. Here are the items I created in December. I had a lot of fun.

This is a gift card holder, I love the glitter brads.....does anyone else get excited over things like this?
One of my favorite dies for the Big Shot is the Top Note Die....I heat embossed the sentiment in silver, embossing always adds a little style.
I found this idea and though it looked so delicate that I wanted to recreate it. I really like the color combination, it feels so sweet. The mini pearls are so beautiful to me.

More Snow! - January 12, 2011

Here is Buddy belly deep in snow. Even though it was a challenging she still loved playing in the slow with Abby.
Buddy kept on sinking in the snow and then he would have himself a little bite of snow as a snack for his trouble. Tastes good and refreshing.
Here we are trying to clear off Daddy's car. This is after the blizzard that hit us a bit ago. Abby likes helping clear the snow and we found another use for her sand shovel!! It makes a good snow shovel too. I am learning how to efficently shovel snow, something that I never had to do in SC, GA, CA or UT for that fact.

Trip to the store with Daddy - December 31, 2010

Abby wanted to go to the store with daddy but he need to go fast, she was dressing in her Fairy outfit so Andrew put a jacket on her, gloves and hat and off they went. He said that they had a few looks in the store but Abby had fun and that is all that matters.

Snow Day - December 28th, 2010

Abby had fun "pulling" me around the yard in the snow. She loves the snow!!! And we are getting a lot of it here in CT. This is like 20x more snow on the ground now.
Buddy was getting in on the fun too! I was surprised to see that likes the snow too.
We tried to build Abby a little sledding hill for her to slide down, she had so much fun climbing and trying to build a snowman, didn't quite turn out.

More Christmas Pics - December 2010

Here are our families little cuties. Daddy with our babies. We made family shirts for Christmas and wore them in on Christmas Eve.
Daddy bought these blocks for Abby, he had them growing up and thought Abby would love them. Well he was right. She loves them. She uses the small round long block as a bone to fetch as she pretends to be a dog crawling around the house.
She is so excited for Christmas morning. She really loves the lights on the tree and the Christmas star on top. And decorating the tree was so fun for us to do together.

Our Christmas - December 2010

Grandma & Grandpa Hendricksen sent Abby a authentic Heber Creeper train whistle, train books and this train engineer outfit. She loves blowing the whistle and hammering and fixing things with her engineers outfit.
Grannie gave her this Hair Dressers outfit. She likes using the scissors to cut hair (only pretend of course), brushing and "styling" hair too. Then she will hand you the little mirror and say "how do you like it". So cute.
These are our neighbors, the Waters' family. They joined us for Christmas morning breakfast. Aren't they so cute.
The missionaries also came to breakfast. They help cook our breakfast buffet. Don't they look cute in our aprons. Had to protect their nice clothes.

Chef Abby - December 2010

Abby is really into cooking. On the bottom picture we put some noodles, rock salt, bulgar wheat and lentils in her blue kitchen bowl (this is the bowl that is in a special place for her in the kitchen) and she was just stirring up a storm. Soon she pulled her table into the kitchen and her little plates were set at the table and everything. She called it "Abby's Restaurant". Papa gave her this Chefs outfit for Christmas, she loves it - can't you tell, she wore it for hours cooking and making all kinds of pretend goodies.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Holiday Fun - December 2010

Abby loved decorating gingerbread cookies. She has a good eye and was happy and proud to give them to her teachers at school.

This Christmas Abby tried her hand at baking. We found this neat little recipe for what we call pretzel cookies. She had so much fun being the cook and was so very careful to get the m& m's in the very center of the kiss. SO cute, can you see how proud she is.

She loves the Christmas tree. This is the first year that she really knew what was going on and really got in to the spirit of Christmas. She also loved delivering cookies to neighbors and making popcorn garland and ornaments for the tree. I love seeing the world through her eyes!

Abby's 3rd Birthday - November 11th, 2010

Since we moved so close to Abby's birthday we didn't know anyone to invite to a party for her birthday here in CT. So she just celebrated with us. We took her to Chuckie Cheese's but those pictures are on my phone and haven't pulled them off yet. So our little princess received a princess, prince castle and all the fixins for her birthday. She s really getting into pretend play. She is growing so fast.....can't believe she is 3, just yesterday she was being born.

Madame Lady Bug - Halloween October 2010

Abby wanted to be a Lady Bug for Halloween so we bought her costume in CA and brought it with us to CT. As you can tell we were still waiting on our furniture when Halloween rolled around. It gets dark at 5 pm here and it was pretty cold so she did not go out very long but she loved being in her costume and flying around the empty space in the house.

Where have we been...

So it has been 2+ year since I have updated our blog, so I am going to try to do better at keeping up with life and sharing with friends. Abby is growing so fast and is changing everyday. Compare the pictures when I get them posted. We moved from CA in September and arrived in CT in October after a visit to family along the way across country. We are only here in CT till April and then we are being transferred to VA.

My Babies!!!

When we were waiting for a house here in CT we were staying in the Navy Lodge. Abby wanted Buddy to sleep in her bed, this was the cutest picture of them together since she was a baby. Buddy loved it. My two little cuties.